• About Earth Heal

    The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project provides distant healing work to people, animals, groups, buildings, areas of land and water, and the collective energy field shared by all. More about our work at the green button above, marked "About".
  • Participation in our events, and annual membership to Earth Heal

    Anyone can participate in any of our group distant healing events without being an Earth Heal member, but becoming an annual member enables one to be included as a participant in all of the distant healing events held regularly throughout the year. More info above at the green button marjed "Annual membership..."
  • Please support the Earth Heal Clinic

    The Clinic provides distant healing work on a pro bono basis to those in real need, including refugees, people in war-torn areas, indigent and homeless people, as well as animals. We can accept donations via PayPal, cash and other means. All donations, large as well as small, are very much appreciated. More info above at the green button marked "Donate". Note: Earth Heal is an entirely independent organization, and donations to Earth Heal are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.
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    To be on our mailing list for occasional news from Earth Heal, please send an e-mail to earthealadmin(at)gmail.com with the subject line, "Subscribe".
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Upcoming distant healing events


2 Responses

  1. Can anyone give me details of the coming event in Debrecen Hungary? please

    • hi Cilla, sorry for delays… I do not know anything about this upcoming event in Hungary, unfortunately

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